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Wild Forest Fires


Has your home or business suffered Smoke, Soot or Ash Damage from a Wildfire?
Do you have an insurance claim for total loss, partial loss or smoke damage?

If smoke damage is not properly removed, your home or business could be contaminated with microscopic particles that may cause coughing, allergies, breathing problems and other serious ailments.We have trained professionals who can determine the extent of your monetary damages and will deal with your insurance company, who prefers that you never know about this.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money. If the insurance company pays claims, they make less money. Therefore, their goal is to minimize claims or simply deny them. Too often, this practice leaves their customers to suffer economic hardship. You are required to pay your premiums, they should be required to pay your legitimate claim.

At the Grady Law Firm, P.C., we have and will continue to deal with the profit driven tactics of insurance companies. We provide lawyers, adjusters and field experts that can and will perform all necessary inspections and tests to prepare your smoke, soot or ash claim. We will negotiate your claim, and ultimately fight your insurance company in court, if necessary.

Over the past couple of years, wildfires throughout our country have claimed the homes and businesses of thousands of people. As the imminent danger of the flames subside and are extinguished, many residents and business owners are left dealing with the bi product of the devastating fires—namely residual smoke, ash and soot. This lingering effect may not appear as dangerous as a wall of flames, however, in the long-term, it very well may be more dangerous.

Smoke and ash damage is virtually impossible to detect unless you know how to look and where to look. In addition, smoke, soot and ash damage is more difficult for the average homeowner to prove, if they even know it exists. Most damage is not visible to the naked eye and thus insurance companies pretend it doesn’t exist.

Without doubt, the majority of property damage from a wildfire is caused by residual smoke, soot and ash, not the actual burning of structures. Regardless if your home or business suffered no actual fire damage the smoke, soot or ash can still result in compensable property damage.

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